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Registration period: 1 year

Registration timeline: 1 day or more

Activation timeline: 6 - 12 hours


Number of characters: 2-63

Registration rules:

Registration of a .NO domain name is subject to the following conditions:

An organization registered in Norway
A norwegian citizen being 18+ and having an address in Norway

Limited to 100 domains per organization or 5 domains per individual

In order to complete the registration, the owner must fill in an application form online and sent it back to us.
For such reason, the registration delay can vary according to paperwork processing.

Transfer rules:

To initiate the transfer of a .NO domain name you will be asked to provide an authorization code (AuthID). You can obtain it from your current domain name's registrar.
You must also ensure that no protection against transfer is activated at the current registrar.

The transfer is free of charge because this operation doesn't include a domain name renewal.
You will benefit from all our services until the current expiration date of the domain name, when you will have to renew it at the pricing in force.

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