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Registration period
1 year
Registration timeline
Activation timeline
6-12 hours
Renewal period
1 year

There is no special process needed to register a .NL domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

.NL domain name Registration works on a first come, first served basis.

Terms and conditions
By registering a .NL domain name, you accept the conditions of the extension: 


Domain Names under this Extension are registered on a "first come, first served" basis.

The Client declares and guarantees that the Domain Name respects the rights of third-parties,
currently applicable laws as well as the regulations specific to the Extension, which can be consulted at the
following addresses:

The Client agrees to have read and accepted this contractual document (the "NL Regulations" below) which
links it to the Registry. These special terms and conditions do not substitute these regulations which are
integrated by means of a hyperlink.

Regarding NL Regulations, the name servers (DNS) of the domain name must be correctly configured
as specified in the Registry's technical specifications:
Technical specifications https://www.sidn.nl/fileadmin/docs/PDF-files_UK/Technical%20requirements%20for%20the%20registration

Zonecheck tool:


When the Domain Name's expiry date has passed without prior renewal by the Client, The register shall
submit a request for the deletion of the Domain Name to the Registry. The Domain Name shall then be
disabled for a period of forty (40) calendar days during which all our associated services shall no longer
be available. The Domain Name shall be referred to as in "quarantine" status.

If a Domain Name has been destroyed with the past forty (40) calendar days, it can be reactivated
subject to the following conditions and procedures, and depending on the details provided to us when
carrying out these procedures:

i) restoration is only possible from a technical point of view for the so-called "quarantine" period,
which is the forty (40) day period between the destruction of the Domain Name by us and its
destruction by the Registry

ii) payment for the restoration must be made seven (7) days before the destruction of the Domain
Name by the Registry, to enable us to carry out the operation within the time limit. Failing
this, the Domain Name might not be restored and we cannot be held responsible on these

iii) the restoration procedure restores the Domain Name's previous parameters (personal and
technical information) and extends by one (1) year the duration of the Domain Name's
registration starting from the previous expiry date.


March 17th, 2010


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