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We recommend you use IMAP, so you are sure that the email will show on all devices and webmail.
The wizard can be found by going to: Tools - Accounts.
It brings up a window.
  - Tick on Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP. Press next.
  - Tick configure server settings or additional server types
  - Tick the Mail online

Fill out the information as prompted:
- Display Name: This is the name that the recipient gets up when sending e-mail.
- E-mail address: Here you enter your e-mail address
- Incoming email is an IMAP/POP3 server.
- Incoming mail server:
- Outgoing e-mail:
- Account name: Enter your username
- Password: The password that accompanies your username

When you finish the wizard, check the following settings:

  - Select Tools - Accounts - E-mail - Note the current account - Select Properties
  - Choose "Servers"
  - The incoming (IMAP/POP3) must be set to mail.
  - Outgoing mail (SMTP) should be set to mail.
  - Under "Outgoing Mail Server, select" My server requires authentication "
  - Select "Settings"
  - Select "Log on with" and enter your user name and password.
     Ex: Username: user. Yourdomain
            Password: xxxxx
  - Press "OK"
  - Choose "Advanced"
  - Change the Use the following type of encrypted connection from None to TLS
  - Set the "Outgoing mail (SMTP):" to 587
  - Select "OK"

For detailed setup on your account you can login to your webmail account and select "Configure Mail Client" from the dropdown list.

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