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By logging into your  Customer Portal ( you can press the Services -> My Services.
Here are all the services you have with us.

Pressing View details on a service you will get the summary on this service.
When it was ordered, product, price paid and the price on your next bill, next due date on the invoice and how often you are billed.

On the left menu click on the link Login to cPanel. (on the menu you can change password, log in to webmail too)
The easiest way to create your web site is with Weebly site builder. Choose the template, creates sites and add text. Publish. Easy :) 
Alternative you can upload your own site with standard FTP. 

To begin uploading your site you need a FTP client (we recommend FileZilla FTP client

username and password are in the welcome email.
port: 21

Upload your web page in the folder called public_html
It is available on the web once it is uploaded. 

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